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Today, more than ever, entrepreneurs create new start-ups based on original ideas or technical and scientific developments that often have their origins in an academic environment. Very often these entrepreneurs are also young people with little to no business experience, coming with their technical or scientific breakthrough ideas out of an academic environment. This fact makes it challenging for these start-ups to succeed. When one is used to an academic environment, one finds it challenging to adapt to a business environment. And having little to no real business experience only makes the process of adapting more difficult. While passion and drive are certainly present in start-ups, they can be counterproductive if not used in the right way.


Even the large multinational companies were once small start-ups and scale-ups. That they are big and important today can only be explained by the fact that as start-ups and scale-ups they did the right things.


For many years, the author has been very close to such situations and has been in charge of leading the growth of new business initiatives. His experience shows that business failure is more often the result of lacking the business skills to bring new products to market than a matter of the quality of the new products and developments.


Growing Start-Up and Scale-Up Activities into a Successful Business is useful for every entrepreneur-founder-CEO of a start-up or a scale-up and, by extension, every person who has as part of his or her role the task of growing a new business into a successful business. This book is even for venture capitalists who want to help the companies in which they have invested.


Unlike the many books that give advice on how to grow a start-up or scale-up into a successful business, which are very often written by people coming from an academic background or by people who have not themselves experienced the challenges of having to do this on a daily basis, Growing Start-Up and Scale-Up Activities into a Successful Business is based on forty-three years of experience with the author actively working on a daily basis to face the challenge of growing new businesses into success.


What also makes Growing Start-Up and Scale-Up Activities into a Successful Business unique is that the principles put forward are illustrated by more than forty-five (anonymized) real-life cases.


If you would like consulting advice with a hands-on approach from an author who has always had both feet planted firmly in everyday management at the international level for growing new business initiatives into successful enterprises, then Growing Start-Up and Scale-Up Activities into a Successful Business is the right choice for you.


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781665582704

ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781665582698

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The Power of Attitude Capital