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The Power of Attitude Capital

Companies continually evaluate their assets, both tangible and intangible. During these evaluations, an extremely important point is often forgotten: that point is that attitude capital is one of the most important assets. The value of all other assets might be in danger if the level of attitude capital is not high enough. And putting the assets of a company in danger can’t be the purpose of being in business, because companies are always looking for security and growth.

The success of companies is determined by the sum of the individual success of their employees. And the success of employees can be increased dramatically by developing and further increasing the attitude capital. But the development of the right attitude leads not only to success; it also leads to maximal realization potential.

For employees, attitude capital is extremely important, more important than knowledge, experience, skills, and talent, because attitude determines how all those elements are transformed into success. In case of lack of the right attitude, the value of knowledge, experience, skills, and talent becomes small to irrelevant. As a result, the chances of being successful are minimal to nonexistent. The right attitude of an employee not only increases his or her individual success but also contributes to the attitude capital of the company and, as a result, to the success of the company.

Starters and start-up companies often think they have a unique idea. But often those ideas are not so unique, or they can be imitated very easily. What really will create the difference is the level of attitude capital those starters have from the beginning. Just having passion is not enough.

The Power of Attitude Capital is for managers, for employees, and for starters, not only to read, but also to use on a daily basis as a guide to increase attitude capital. The Power of Attitude Capital does not look at what is going wrong in organizations or at an individual level. It rather seeks to motivate organizations and individuals to work on the opportunities that they have to increase success.



The Power of Attitude Capital

The Power of Attitude Capital